We are currently in the process of affiliating our alumni club, Belvoir ARC, to provide a more formal link between ULBC members past and present


Belvoir ARC exists for three purposes:

  1. To support the University of Leicester Boat Club, both on and off the water

  2. To maintain links between alumni and current members of ULBC

  3. To provide the opportunity for alumni of ULBC to row together, recreationally and competitively

Membership of Belvoir will be open to any former rowers, coxes, coaches & supporters. We hope to eventually be able to offer members the opportunity to compete under Belvoir (ULBC) colours, as well as have the opportunity to purchase Belvoir kit, in the style of retro ULBC stash.

Throughout the year our Alumni meet up at races and events to continue their great relationship with the club's current members and stay in contact with each other. Some annual highlight's include the ULBC Christmas Ball, the club Henley Royal Regatta meet-up and the upcoming Alumni Ball in September.

To find out more, contact our current club captain Will Westcott at su-rowing@le.ac.uk or join our Alumni Facebook group at: