LOROS Hospice and our fundraising this year

LOROS Hospice is a local Leicestershire and Rutland charity, which provides expert, compassionate care for people with terminal illnesses for which there is no longer a cure. LOROS also provide care for patients in their homes and day therapy for outpatients, among a multitude of other services. The care they provide for patients and their families is free, which is why they rely so heavily on donations and fundraising to keep offering their much-needed care and support. This year, ULBC has chosen LOROS as its primary charity to fund raise for. Most of us will at some point in our lives benefit from the care hospices provide, making it a cause we can all relate to in some way.

Our charity Christmas ball was our first fundraising event for LOROS, which proved hugely successful, raising over £400. We then held our 24 hour 'ergathon' in the Fielding Johnson square on campus, with members from across the club rowing in shifts, some in the middle of the night, to keep 2 erg fans spinning for 24 hours. Through online and cash donations on campus we raised over £1000. This term we’ve already held a cake sale in the Students’ Union, raising another £66, adding to our total of nearly £1500, and this week as part of RAG week we’ve been collecting donations of clothes to be donated to one of LOROS’ charity shops. It’s great to see all our members getting so on board with the fundraising efforts, and we can’t wait to see how much more we can raise next term! To find out more about the work LOROS do for patients in Leicestershire visit https://www.loros.co.uk/patients-family-carers/care-we-provide/

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