Power 8 Sprints

The 22nd of July was the date of the inaugural Power 8 Sprints competition set in the Bristol Harbour. This brought together male and female teams from 8 cities (Bristol, Cambridge, Nottingham, Manchester, Exeter, Oxford, London and Newcastle) to race over 350m in knock-out heats.

Two of our student athletes, Myself (Ryan Asher) and Alice Bloomer represented the regions of Nottingham and Exeter respectively in this competition. While both were knocked out in their first round narrowly in their heats they should be proud to be able to represent their region and the Boat Club nationally.

Alice Bloomer: "I really enjoyed being able to represent Exeter, and it was so nice to be back in an 8+! 350m is a horrible distance though and we had only had our first session together that morning, so given that I think we rowed well! All of the TV coverage was so exciting and the crowd was amazing, I would definitely recommend trialing for it because it was honestly such a fun day"

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